Proven Expertise

Advisory Notice 18 May 2017



1.         Category: Sighting


2.         Description: 170530ZMAY17 An MV was approached in PSN 14 41.25N 051 03.43E by 7 skiffs each with 4/5 POB. These skiffs got to within 1NM from both port and starboard quarters. Skiffs followed MV for 30 mins and then stopped. MV SAFE. 


Due to seeing an increase in activity in this PSN over the last 24 hours, Merchant vessels operating in the vicinity of this location are advised to exercise extreme caution. 


3.         Source: Master of MV


4.         Any queries regarding this Advisory Notice ring 0044 2392 222060 only for further information.


THIS ADVISORY is not Classified as a Maritime Security Event and has not been verified by UK MTO. This information is provided to inform maritime situational awareness for mariners operating in the region. UKMTO is not responsible for the accuracy of this reporting.


UKMTO Watchkeeper


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Tel: +442392222060

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