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Anchored Chemical Tanker Boarded by Robbers 20 September 2018

DateTime: 20/09/2018 23:45:00 UTC

Area: West Africa


Lat: 6°16'51 N
Lon: 3°13'16 E

Detail: UPDATE: Anchored Singapore-flagged chemical tanker approached by 2 boats at 2350 UTC in position 06:16.51N - 003:13.16E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. During rounds the Duty AB spotted two boats close to the anchor chain. Reporting to the bridge, the alarm was raised and boats moved away. At 2358 UTC, Duty AB at No.1 port tank saw two robbers hiding on deck. When challenged, they escaped using a rope tied on board. Crew mustered and conducted a search and found that the No. 1 port ullage port was opened. The vapour lock was closed to avoid IG leakage and manual unlacing of cargo tanks commenced. The side of ship was checked for traces of any pipe for transfer of cargo, but none was found. There was also no oil sheen found around vessel nor on deck. The master reported the incident to the Nigerian Naval Service (NNS). A NNS Vision patrol boat came alongside the ship. Nothing was reported stolen. Reported (MDAT/ReCAAP) 20 Sep.

UNID: 5517

Action: UPDATE

ReportedBy: OL BRAVO

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