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Armed Robbers Board Vessel Off DR Congo 28 April

Date Time: 28/04/2019 05:04:00 UTC

Area: West Africa


Lat: 5°51’24 S

Lon: 13°25’53 E

Detail:[Boarding/Theft] LATE Report | Anchored MV boarded by two robbers armed with long knives at 0504 UTC in position Ango Ango Inner Anchorage, DR Congo. Deck watch spotted the robbers. Chief Officer raised alarm, Master ordered crew to stand by to proceed to the citadel. The robbers stole mooring ropes and left the vessel without injuring any crew members. Vessel and crew safe. Reported (MDAT) 28 Apr.

UNID: 5716

Action: NEW

Reported By: OL CHARLIE

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