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Armed Robbers Board Vessel Off Indonesia 27 July 2019

Date Time: 27/07/2019 19:55:00 UTC
Area: Asia
Lat: 1°45'5 N
Lon: 101°22'0 E

Detail: [Boarding/Robbery] Four armed robbers boarded a berthed tanker during cargo operations at 1955 UTC in position 01:45.5N - 101:22.0E, SDS Terminal, ST 01, Lubuk Gaung, Indonesia. Alert crew noticed the robbers near the engine room and raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped through the steering gear room. A search was carried out. It was reported that engine spares were stolen. Incident reported to the PFSO. Reported (IMB) 27 Jul.

UNID: 5776
Action: NEW
Reported By: OL BRAVO

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