Proven Expertise

Attempted Roberry Priok Anchorage 06 March 2018

DateTime: 03/03/2018 15:45:00 UTC

Area: Asia


Lat: 6°2'9 S
Lon: 106°53'4 E

Detail: [Boarding] Duty Motorman onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed two robbers on the aft deck and raised the alarm at 1545 UTC in position 06:02.9S – 106:53.4E, Tanjung Priok Anchorage, Indonesia. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped in a waiting boat. On searching the vessel nothing reported stolen. Reported (IMB) 3 Mar.

UNID: 5340
Action: UPDATE
ReportedBy: OL BRAVO

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