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MV Approached By Two Skiffs In Red Sea 05 November 18

Date; 03/11/2018

Time:  05:45:00 UTC
Area: Horn of Africa
Lat: 13°4'10 N
Lon: 43°9'0 E

Detail: MV was approached by two skiffs with 4/5 POB at 0545 UTC in position 13:04.10N - 043:09E, Bab el Mandeb Strait, S Red Sea. Two skiffs approached to 8 cables at which point AST fired a warning flare, both skiffs then passed astern. One skiff then began a second approach, a further warning flare was fired and the skiff turned away. Crew and vessel are safe. Reported (UKMTO) 3 Nov.

UNID: 5569
Action: NEW
Reported By: OL BRAVO

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