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Pirate Attack Asia

DateTime: 29/01/2019 16:55:00 UTC
Area: Asia


Lat: 38°52'8 N
Lon: 119°11'8 E

Detail: [Boarding] Duty crew onboard an anchored ore carrier noticed an unlit barge alongside and raised the alarm at 1655 UTC in position 38:52.8N – 119:11.8E, Jingtang Anchorage, China. Two robbers wearing masks were seen lowering hoses and escaping from the quarter deck. On searching the ship, oil stains were noticed near the MDO tank sounding pipe. All tanks were sounded. Nothing reported stolen. VTS informed. Reported (IMB) 29 Jan.

UNID: 5635
Action: NEW
ReportedBy: OL BRAVO


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