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Pirate Attack Off Bonny Island 06 November 2018

Date Time: 06/11/2018 02:25:00 UTC
Area: West Africa
Lat: 3°55'39 N
Lon: 6°56'36 E

Detail: Underway Bermuda-flagged LNG tanker reported attacked at 0225 UTC in position 03:55.39N - 006:56.36E, around 30nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria. Pirates opened fire on the vessel which undertook evasive action and reported the attack. Pirates aborted the attack and boarding attempt. Nigerian Navy dispatched a patrol boat as the tanker was escorted by a security vessel for entry into the port of Bonny. Reported (MDAT/Sources) 6 Nov.

UNID: 5572
Action: UPDATE
Reported By: OL BRAVO

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