Proven Expertise

Pirate Attack West Africa

DateTime: 19/12/2018 22:40:00 UTC

Area: West Africa


Lat: 5°12’4 N

Lon: 4°2’8 W

Detail:  [Boarding/Robbery] LATE Report | Two robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored product tanker at 2240 UTC in position 05:12.4N – 004:02.8W, Abidjan Anchorage, Ivory Coast. Duty OS on routine rounds noticed a ladder hooked to the ship’s rail and two robbers near the poop deck winch. OOW notified and alarm raised. Master directed the searchlight towards the poop deck resulting in the robbers escaping with stolen ship’s stores.  Reported (IMB) 19 Jan.

UNID: 5634

Action: NEW

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