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Pirate Attack West Africa - South of Lome 03 March 2019

Date Time: 03/03/2019 20:30:00 UTC
Area: West Africa

Lat: 5°37'0 N
Lon: 1°11'0 E

Detail: UPDATE 2: Underway Malta-flagged tanker attacked and boarded by pirates at 2030 UTC in position 05:37N - 001:11E, around 30nm South of Lome, Togo. Crew mustered in citadel, however, three Romanian crew members were kidnapped. Remainder of 21 crew were able to sail vessel to Lome anchorage under escort. Reported (MDAT/Romanian MFA) 3 Mar.

UNID: 5665
Action: UPDATE
ReportedBy: OL BRAVO

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