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Robber Attempts to Board Bulk Carrier Whilst Berthing at Sandakan, Malaysia 17 September 2018

DateTime: 17/09/2018 20:15:00 UTC

Area: Asia


Lat: 5°45’45 N

Lon: 118°4’9 E

Detail:  [Boarding] LATE Report | Whilst at berth, a robber climbed up Malta-flagged bulk carrier from a craft via the portside anchor chain at 2015 UTC, in position 05:45.45N - 118:04.09E, Berth 1 AB, Sandakan, Malaysia. Another two robbers were waiting in the craft. Nothing stolen. Incident reported to PFSO and local agent. Reported (ReCAAP) 17 Sep.

UNID: 5523

Action: NEW

ReportedBy: OL CHARLIE

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