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Two Robbers Board Vessel Off Indonesia 25 February 2019

DateTime: 25/02/2019 11:06:00 UTC

Area: Asia


Lat: 3°43’1 S

Lon: 114°26’3 E

Detail: [Boarding] LATE Report | Duty watchman on routine rounds onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed two robbers attempting to board via the anchor chain at 1106 UTC in position 03:43.1S – 114:26.3E, Taboneo Anchorage, Indonesia. He immediately informed the OOW who raised the alarm and crew mustered. Seeing the crew alertness, the robbers retreated into their waiting skiff and escaped. Incident reported to Taboneo Port Control. Reported (IMB) 25 Feb.

UNID: 5673

Action: NEW

Reported By: OL CHARLIE

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