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Vessel Boarded by Armed Robbers 21 November 2018

Date Time: 21/11/2018 03:00:00 UTC

Area: West Africa


Lat: 9°19’8 N

Lon: 13°44’1 W

Detail:  [Boarding/Robbery/Assault] LATE Report | Eight robbers armed with guns and knives boarded an anchored bulk carrier at 0300 UTC in position 09:19.8N – 013:44.1W, Conakry Anchorage, Guinea. They took hostage the duty AB and forced him, with a knife on his throat, to take them to the bridge. The armed robbers then took the 2nd Officer and the AB to the Master’s cabin, where they hit the Master and threatened to shoot the 2nd Officer before stealing cash from the ships safe and other personal belongings. The robbers kept the three-crew hostage until they disembarked in waiting boats. Port control informed. Reported (IMB) 21 Nov.

UNID: 5592

Action: NEW

Reported By: OL CHARLIE

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