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Vessel boarded Off Nigeria 24 March 2019

Date Time: 24/03/2019 22:35:00 UTC
Area: West Africa
Lat: 6°15'20 N
Lon: 3°12'30 E

Detail: [Boarding/Robbery] Two robbers managed to board anchored Singapore-flagged product tanker and started stealing the oil cargo using a hose pipe at 2235 UTC in position 06:15.20N - 003:12.30E, Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria. Duty watch keeper noticed the hose and immediately informed Master. Incident reported to a Navy patrol boat in the vicinity. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped. All crew and vessel are safe. It was reported that the Navy patrol boat managed to intercept the boat and apprehend the robbers. Reported (IMB) 24 Mar.

UNID: 5681
Action: NEW
ReportedBy: OL BRAVO

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