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Vessel Boarded Transiting Ecuador 10 October 2018

Date Time: 02/10/2018 06:39:00 UTC

Area: South America


Lat: 2°37’1 S

Lon: 80°12’8 W

Detail: [Boarding] LATE Report | While transiting under pilot at Guayaquil River in Ecuador, a group of perpetrators boarded Singapore-flagged container ship at 0139 LT in position 02:37.1S - 080:12.08W, Guayaquil River, Ecuador. The master alerted the local authorities when he sighted the presence of unauthorised persons on board. One of the crew was assaulted by the perpetrators and sustained a small cut on his forehead. The crew managed to escape and hide in the forecastle store. The perpetrators left the ship empty handed when realised that they had been discovered. A search was conducted by the Ecuador Coast Guard (ECG) and no perpetrator was found. The injured crew was given first-aid treatment, and the ship resumed its voyage. Reported (ReCAAP) 2 Oct.

UNID: 5532

Action: NEW

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