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Vessel Hijacked off Indonesia 30 November 2017

Report from Oceanus Live 

DateTime: 21/11/2017 21:00:00 UTC

Area: Asia

Status: HIJACK

Lat: 1°33’57 N

Lon: 106°19’58 E

Detail: LATE Report | Underway tug, Malaysia-flagged Ever Prosper, towing barge, Ever Omega, carrying crude palm kernel oil boarded by group of pirates armed with machetes at 0400 LT in position off Pulau Pengibu, Indonesia. Tugboat sent distress call, informing Indonesia authorities (Wester Fleet Quick Response network). Six crew on barge and four crew on the tugboat were tied up by the pirates and were left on the tugboat as the robbers hijacked the barge. Crew managed to free themselves and then sailed the tug towards southern Johor waters. Pirates siphoned some fuel from the tugboat. MMEA were informed that the barge had been found minus cargo at 1800 LT 23 Nov. Reported (Borneo Post.ReCAAP) 22 Nov.



Action: NEW

ReportedBy: OL CHARLIE

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