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Vessel Robbed Off Mozambique 10 July 2018

DateTime: 26/07/2018 02:18:00 UTC

Area: Horn of Africa


Lat: 14°32’27 S

Lon: 40°40’15 E

Detail: [Boarding/Robbery] LATE Report | Three robbers in a small boat approached a berthed Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier during discharging operations at 0218 UTC in position 14:32.27S – 040:40.15E, Port of Nacala, Mozambique. Using a bamboo pole attached with hook and a portable wooden ladder, one robber managed to board the vessel. The duty deck watch crew noticed the robber and immediately informed the OOW who raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the robber escaped with his two accomplices. A search was made throughout the vessel. It was reported that ship’s properties were stolen. Incident reported to Port Authorities through the local agents. Reported (IMB) 26 Jul.

UNID: 5487

Action: NEW

ReportedBy: OL CHARLIE

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