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Vessel Robbed Off Vietnam 25 July 2019

Date Time: 25/07/2019 12:40:00 UTC
Area: Asia
Lat: 10°44'0 N
Lon: 106°44'0 E

Detail: [Boarding/Robbery] Third officer on routine rounds onboard a berthed general cargo ship noticed an unauthorised person on deck throwing items over the ship side at 1240 UTC in position 10:44N – 106:44E: Lotus Port, Pu My Bridge, Vietnam. On checking the duty officer noticed two boats collecting the items. Alarm raised. Seeing the approaching officer, the unauthorised person escaped. Upon checking, it was found the padlock of the forward store was broken. Local authorities notified. Reported (IMB) 25 Jul.

UNID: 5773
Action: NEW
Reported By: OL BRAVO

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