Proven Expertise

Port Facility and Vessel Audits

  • ISM Auditing, addressing safety, pollution prevention  and where possible service quality
  • Port Facility/Quayside Security Assessment by accredited auditor
  • Ship Security Plans( SSP) and Reviews conducted on board or remotely using the latest Security Assessment, applicable to all vessel types within ISPS guidleines
  • Specialist advice from qualified experts to ensure best value protection under guidance from BMP 4 and other regulatory compliance
  • ISPS audits for fleets or vessels for renewal purposes
  • New build advice: design phase; build phase; initial audit post survey
  • On Scene Security Survey (OSSS) development to enhance the Ship Security Assessment (SSA)
  • Wide experience in a variety of vessels (Rigs, Tankers, Containers, Superyachts and Cruise liners.)

Our experienced audit team include Maritime Lead Auditors and Chartered risk practitioners.