Proven Expertise

Mixed Teams

PVI’s reputation for the quality of its British guards is excellent.  As the needs of our customers have changed, we have adapted by applying the same attention to the detail of training and compliance to superbly qualified guards from other nations.

We do not rely on third parties to vet or train our guards.  Instead, PVI scrutinises all of our guards’ medical and training documentation to ensure they achieve the standards our customers demand.  We also visit them in their country of origin to train and confirm they are capable of giving the right level of service. This is how we maximise the protection of our clients from physical threats and minimise exposure to compliance risk at a price that makes sense.

Polish and Indian Team Member Training and Qualifications

All Polish and Indian team members:

  • Are interviewed and vetted by PVI training staff
  • Undergo English oral testing
  • Complete PVI induction training including: pirate attack simulation, medical training, PVI standard operating procedures, marksmanship, safety training and written tests.
  • Possess industry standard qualifications:
    • Passport & CDC
    • CV
    • Live firing certificate
    • C+G MSO certificate
    • ENG1 (or equivalent) dated within 2 years
    • STCW95
    • Seaman’s card/book
    • Yellow fever vaccination
    • Wellness (psychological wellbeing) assessment letter, dated within 12 months
    • Clean criminal background check certificate
    • English language certificate
  • Are trauma medic trained

All certification is authenticated and checked with third parties.

Team configurations are available to match client needs.