Proven Expertise

Specialist Projects and Offshore

Sector focused consulting and implementation aligned to the ISO 31000 risk management standard.

PGI Specialist Projects and Offshore integrate sector specific Oil and Gas and Telecommunications skills to assist clients operating in many of the world’s most hazardous environments. We work with stakeholders across the breadth and depth of an organisation to understand the threats they face and provide cost-justified risk mitigation recommendations and implementation services.

We follow establish risk management methods aligned to the ISO31000 risk management standard to save time and expense, facilitate clear communication of risks and to ensure a thorough, auditable approach.

We work collaboratively with our chosen clients to ensure the services we provide mesh seamlessly with existing policies, plans and procedures such as HSE. Our solutions provide clients throughout the Oil and Gas and Telecommunications supply chain with appropriately developed and justified risk management services that are tailored to their specific requirements and risk appetite.

We draw on an extensive internal staff team and contractor pool to match client requirements with appropriate specialist skills, knowledge and experience.