Proven Expertise

What Sets Us Apart?

Health, Safety, Security and Environment Assurance and Quality Management

  • Our senior management offers clear leadership and places health, safety, security and environmental assurance; we place quality at the top of our priorities. In a commoditising industry we aim to stand out for our refusal to cut corners.
  • Our successes are verified through positive accident performance rates, zero prosecutions and high standards of third party assessment against international ISO standards.

Supply chain ownership

  • Investment in logistics hub in Galle – full time armourers as part of a team which guarantees control and husbandry of all kit and equipment.
  • Size of logistic footprint means we can facilitate at short notice at almost any port.

Long term investment in the quality of our guards.

  • Our guards are uniquely loyal – we offer them the best training and the best duty of care in the industry. Our mixed teams of guards have an industry reputation second to none.
  • In return the customer receives a top quality service – we go the extra mile to deliver affordable excellence. Our guards also have long-established relationships with masters to whom they have provided consistent protection over years of service.

Our impeccable track record

  • Almost 7000 successful maritime security transits – the strongest track record in the industry.
  • Over 4000 cross decks in the Red Sea – a unique service with no delays whatever the weather.