PVI is a world leader in holistic maritime security solutions servicing some of the largest shipping companies in the world. PVI’s maritime operations span the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, specifically the HRA of the north Indian Ocean.

  • PVI has been a leading Maritime Security provider since 2009
  • PVI provide protective services both embarked and with escort vessels on the east and west coasts of Africa
  • PVI specialise in an holistic range of maritime risk management, regulatory auditing, fleet management, training and security risk management services

PVI’s Projects division provides bespoke, through-life security advice, consultancy and direct services to a wide variety of clients from high net-worth individuals and superyacht operators to multinational oil and gas companies to sovereign governments and every type of client in between.

At PVI, we built our reputation and business on armed maritime security teams supporting vessels passing through the High Risk Area of the Indian Ocean. As our business grew, so did the size and variety of our client base. Our clients wanted more than just an armed protection team: they wanted holistic risk management as a “1-Stop Shop” providing advice and services transitioning from ship to shore in some of the most dangerous countries in the world. This includes audits and security planning, physical security and journey management.

Today, PVI has a raft of clients needing the full range of Security Risk Management services but all drawn to the same underlying element of PVI’s ethos: a personalized approach by experts giving customers what they want in the way that they want it.

PVI is dynamic and agile with trusted relationships and partners across the world from the myriad of dealings we have had supporting over 8,000 maritime tasks. PVI does not provide “off-the-shelf” products; we work collaboratively with our customers, establishing their needs and the “tone” of their security services. Assisting Security Directors to refine and formulate their concepts into solid, effective and affordable solutions, saving them time to focus on their core business.

Above all, we help our customers create confidence that they can do their business in any environment and rely on PVI to enable them.