Bespoke superyacht security

Halcyon Superyacht Security is our bespoke superyacht security division of PVI.

At Halcyon, we understand the importance of protecting your lifestyle.  We hold a decade’s experience as maritime security specialists and are able to provide bespoke solutions for each client.

Halcyon offers a unique, consultative security service which can protect you against theft, kidnap and hijack via personal superyacht security officers, complete security reviews and on-shore close protection.

Halcyon employs a wide range of technical and professional experts alongside our global network of affiliate partners, enabling us to be agile and adaptable in serving our customers.

Security for HNWs and very busy individuals can be unreliable and we know our clients have often found it hard to source trustworthy, professional protection in the past.

Halcyon draws on PVI’s impeccable record in maritime security to provide experts in all fields which are either employed and trained in-house or which are recommended and vouched for by our own team.  We offer reliable security solutions for every requirement.

Halcyon Superyacht Security takes our in-house knowledge and expertise to provide a unique, client focused security solution, tailormade to your exact requirements.

Our personal and business related services include:

  • Specialist superyacht armed security teams
  • Vessel security audits and surveys
  • Journey risk mitigation
  • Security  training

We aim to deliver peace of mind, taking care of problems and allowing you to concentrate on what matters in life.

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