Armed security across the globe

We provide convenient, cost effective armed security for owners, charterers and vessel managers needing protection in high risk areas.

Piracy remains a persistent threat but PVI armed guards provide the assurance needed to satisfy safety standards, insurance demands and lower a client’s risk profile.

We’ve been working in maritime security since 2009 and pioneered many of the industry’s professional operating standards.  We offer fully trained armed guards and unarmed bridge advisors across the three major risk areas: South East Asia, Indian Ocean and West Africa.

PVI demand the highest standards from our guards:

  • Wide variety of team configurations to match the threat, flag state and client needs
  • Armed guards and unarmed bridge advisors
  • Oil major vetting inspections approved
  • Extensive logistic footprint across the Indian Ocean (HRA), South East Asia and West Africa

Our people

Regardless of nationality or background, our Maritime Security Operators (MSOs) are vetted and trained to the highest industry standards and have 24-hour support from the UK based PVI Operations Centre.  All certification is scrutinised and vetted by us prior to deployment.  Armed vessel security personnel:

  • Undergo English language comprehension testing.  All non-native English speaking  MSOs are assessed on their comprehension of English using the Marlin’s test.
  • Complete induction training which includes pirate attack simulation, Rules for the Use of Force, trauma medical training, marksmanship, safety training and written tests.
  • Receive annual refresher training and performance assessments, to ensure that they remain current with industry best practice.  This includes extensive familiarisation with PVI’s policies and procedures.
  • Possess all the required industry standard qualifications and assessments including, but not limited to, Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010, ENG1 or equivalent valid medical certificate, mental welfare provisions, City & Guilds Accredited MSO training (or equivalent). 
  • All receive trauma care training to ensure they can respond to crises in remote locations.
  • Ongoing 360 degree reporting and evaluation.

Our Equipment

The right tools are as important as the right people. We ensure all MSOs are equipped with modern, fit-for-purpose tactical armour, weaponry and equipment. PVI is the only private maritime security company to employ a former Royal Marine Class 1 armourer to oversee maintenance and serviceability of weapons and equipment.

Our Supply Chain

Supply chain maintenance is often neglected within the maritime security industry yet equipment failure is a serious business risk.  Our dedicated logistics centre in Sri Lanka is run by our armourer ensuring unrivalled attention to detail in regularly maintaining mission critical equipment.

Our UK logistics team manages the whole supply chain, dealing with procurement of fit-for-purpose, operationally effective equipment, calibration of inspection gauges, re-certification of ballistic PPE, accurate ammunition counts and full compliance with UK export control requirements.

PVI prioritises health, safety, security, and environmental assurance in its pursuit of excellence.  Since our inception, we have never failed to deliver a 100% rate of safe passage. In a commoditised industry we aim to stand out for our refusal to cut corners.

We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction, providing a dedicated, UK based customer service team.

From desktop due diligence audits to flag state applications, we can offer as much or as little support as you need throughout the transit.

We understand that for many CSOs, security is not their full-time role. We aim to take on the workload, using our expertise to make the process of employing PVI’s armed guards as simple and as straightforward as possible.

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