Secure journey management

Transit security for personnel and business assets is effortlessly managed with PVI’s expert risk analysis and mitigation services.

We assist clients with guidance,  management and security provision support for complete travel security, regardless of destination or duration.  We can undertake detailed risk analysis, developing appropriate solutions to mitigate against potential threats, providing personal security for travel or recommending trusted local or regional contacts from our tried and tested international network of suppliers. 

Our extensive past performance record in maritime and offshore security, alongside crisis and recovery assistance means PVI is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive risk intelligence and transit security service.

PVI’s secure Travel Security services include:

  • Detailed threat and risk intelligence analysis
  • Advice to travellers before and during tasks
  • Highly trained expatriate Close Protection and private security personnel
  • Vetted and trusted local security provider network
  • Close links with local security forces for assistance and response capabilities
  • Regional cultural consultants
  • Trusted local transportation providers
  • Security consultants to audit accommodation and site locations

All PVI operations are intelligence-led and supported by the PVI Intelligence team.  Our physical security arm has the expertise to provide training, maritime manpower, consultants, close protection and travel security 24/7/365 in any environment.

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