Protecting against piracy

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea accounted for over 90% of global kidnappings at sea reported in 2019 and the number of incidents reported showed no sign of abating in 2020. Maritime crime in West Africa remains a pernicious threat to shipping and offshore interests.

Significant investment and strategic partnering has enabled PVI to extend its provision of exceptional operational protection and client care to the West Africa region with a fully compliant solution.

We’ve adapted to the threats that exist in the Gulf of Guinea and have planted roots to ensure that PVI is embedded in the local community, offering a fully compliant solution, a 24/7/365 regional operations centre and a fleet of modern, fit-for-purpose security escort vessels.

PVI offers a fleet of security escort vessels, which are among the fastest and most capable boats available in the region. Visible security measures deter the risk of potential attacks.

Our fleet of 5 ‘Bastion’ and ‘Orion’ Security Escort Vessels make speeds of more than 40 kts in any weather and are fitted with the latest generation of maritime thermal imaging systems that can operate clearly in total darkness, through solar glare, and through light fog and smoke. .  

They are available throughout the Gulf of Guinea, technically operated by the PVI Fleet Management Team, and remain fully compliant with local laws.  We also have access to a tried and tested fleet of charter vessels to which we apply our trademark unwavering insistence on quality and operational excellence.

Due in part to the Gulf of Guinea’s unique regulatory environment, piracy represents a complex security problem requiring compliant and thoroughly risk assessed solutions.

PVI offers a fully compliant security escort vessel solution and clients receive the same high level of provision from our West African service as they have become accustomed to in the Indian Ocean.

Local networks, high level contacts, a firm understanding of compliance and unsurpassed knowledge of potential risks; the PVI West African services solution provides the utmost maritime security assurances to our clients.

PVI is uniquely placed to offer reliable, effective protection in the Gulf of Guinea.  We have strong ties with local and regional authorities with specialist PVI teams training our local crews and providing in-country expat operational and maintenance oversight for our fleet of security escort vessels.  Key features include:

  • Rina Class
  • Stanag  (NATO standardisation Agreement) Level 5 ballistic cabs
  • 40 knot speeds
  • Alfa Laval MAB 104 fuel spinners
  • 12+2 accommodation berths
  • Thermal imaging systems
  • State-of-the-art communication system, internet and WiFi capability

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