Maritime security courses & training

PVI offers honest, realistic, tailored solutions to a broad spectrum of maritime training requirements.

Our maritime security courses are designed with care and delivered by experts who have invested years of personal experience to ensure training standards are at the very highest level.

PVI’s roots lie in the amphibious military so our instructors and operational staff come from a pool of former naval personnel, tier one maritime special forces operators and Royal Marine Commando landing craft specialists.

Whether conducting maritime interdiction operations in the Gulf of Aden or navigating the Royal Naval flag ship, our team of specialist instructors have a wealth of up to date operational experience.

PVI’s maritime security training is devised consultatively with our clients to best fit your needs.

We offer a wide selection of professional courses aimed at government level  which can include:

  • Naval and Coastguard Training
  • Maritime Special Forces
  • Small boat handling and tactics
  • Security Risk Management
  • ISPS Training

From coastal navigation to vessel board and search, our maritime security training is based upon the latest British military doctrine.  We’ll  conduct an in-depth needs analysis to ensure all training is relevant, up to date and specific to the weapons and equipment being used by the host nation.

We believe in building long term self-sufficiency and ‘through life’ capability that enhances operational effectiveness, in line with long term strategic objectives.  This includes guidance on the implementation of tactics, techniques and procedures, equipment maintenance and supply chain sourcing.

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