Maritime security courses & training

With a diverse range of senior military and corporate security risk management experience, the PVI team is uniquely placed to support a range of risk assessment requirements.

We begin each project by focusing on specific client needs before using our specialist security risk consulting team to design a bespoke solution.

Whether it’s a straightforward security risk assessment, gap analysis or vessel audit the service will be delivered by senior security consultants, each with upwards of 20 years’ experience.

Our security consulting services are bespoke; we design our service specifically to your unique needs, providing value for money and clear, targeted solutions.

Vessel Audits

PVI and our specialist arm Halcyon Superyacht Security can conduct a number of different types of vessel audits and surveys including but not limited to:

  • Ship Security ISPS audits
  • Ship Security Assessments (SSA)
  • On Scene Security Survey (OSSS) as required by the ISPS code
  • Ships Security Plan reviews and/or development
  • Onboard anti-piracy survey and crew training for vessels bound the Indian Ocean HRA or other piracy prone waters
  • Specialist advice on vessel hardening as per BMP 5 and BMP West Africa
  • New build advice: design phase; build phase; initial audit post survey
  • Wide experience in a variety of vessel types  and offshore assets

Security Risk Management System Review

We know our clients – both land and maritime – operate in complex and often high-risk environments requiring sophisticated security and operational plans. Using a proprietary model, PVI can provide Security Risk Maturity and Security Management Systems to help to define risks to not only the local operation, but also to the wider organisation.

We make quantitative and qualitative measurements of current risk and develop a scalable, operationally flexible plan to meet immediate needs and long term goals. This is delivered as a long range forecasting report or in a board level presentation format.

Strategic Gap Analysis and Highly Experienced Security Risk Consultants

We provide both strategic and operational level services to clients around the globe. Whether in the oilfields of northern Iraq, on new construction sites in Mozambique or in Executive Board meetings in Singapore, each project is bespoke, to meet the unique needs and budget of every client.

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