The ICC Yaoundé and Nigeria represented by NIMASA intend to form a framework to provide shared awareness and deconfliction of activities in the Gulf of Guinea. The initiative will be known as the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Collaboration Forum (GOG-MCF/SHADE) and will be open to all GOG countries with similar capacities to join on a voluntary basis.

Craig de Savoye, PVI’s West Africa team leader welcomed the news on behalf of DG Risk Group and Protection Vessels International.

“An integrated approach to tackle the problems of piracy and armed robbery has the greatest impact when all maritime stakeholders work together in delivering collaborative action. DG Risk Group and PVI will continue to work hard to ensure that seafarers are kept safe in the Gulf of Guinea, while at the same time ensuring that our Security Escort Vessel fleet and operational capabilities are utilised and shared effectively. We commend ICC Yaoundé and NIMASA for the GOG-MCF/SHADE initiative; with total stakeholder involvement amongst all industry participants and a collaborative approach, this initiative has great potential to reduce the impact of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea”.

The GOG-MCF/SHADE will focus on counter-piracy and armed robbery by bringing together regional, international, industry and NGO partners to advance and coordinate near term maritime activities with a view to working toward a set of common operational objectives in order to protect seafarers and ships operating off the coast of West and Central Africa.

The initiative, supported by the G7++FOGG will begin with an introductory online meeting followed by:

  • An Open Plenary Session
  • Working Group Meetings
  • Working Group Chairs, Coordination Meeting
  • A Plenary Session Report

Registration details and an agenda will be released by ICC Yaoundé and NIMASA shortly.